how expensive are wide format printers!
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When it comes to modern day wide format printers, there are a lot of options to go for; different models do different jobs for different size projects and the cost is variable as well.

If you’re planning to buy a wide format printer with textile inks, choosing the right one is important. Though there are older models available, which are semi-digital for around $500 to $1000 depending on size and capacity, completely modern, digital-interface models start at $1000 and up.

There are a whole lot of sizes, from comparatively tiny 36” printers to up to 200 or more inch printers. The prices differ from company to company and age of the system as well.

As mentioned before, modern printers of large size can cost up to $10,000. The price of these printers may be off-setting but they are extremely efficient, precise, quick, versatile and reliable and could print anything between a soda can label to a massive poser.

While choosing such printers, the size requirement is an important part of picking the right one, whether it is a laser printer or Inkjet and the digital connectivity is appropriate for your printing needs.

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