Can we recycle sublimation paper

We can describe sublimation paper by fast printing drying speed, high transfer rate, vivid color transfer, low curl rate. Along with all these properties sublimation paper is also recyclable.

Ways to recycle sublimation paper

There are many ways to recycle sublimation paper. Some of those are mentioned as follows.

  • Sublimation-related used transfer paper can be reprinted.
  • The paper can be recycled in the mixed office paper category.
  • Sublimation-related used transfer paper in ink is used as filling (buffer material) of bags and shoes. 

Use in copper products

Recycled sublimation paper is also used to print copper products. These copper products decorated with bright and colorful sublimation paper are heart touching along with the amazing benefits of copper itself. Different copper antimicrobial products are available in the market. Some of the products are

  • Metal business card.
  • Copper sublimation metallic garment.
  • Printed matkas
  • Copper bottles
  • Copper glitter skinny tumblers
  • Round shaped makeup mirrors.

Antimicrobial properties of copper make the products antimicrobial products which bear super cool power to inhibit the growth of microbes, fungi and bacteria. 


Copper antimicrobial products beautifully decorated with colourful and eco friendly sublimation paper are a healthy and friendly combination. These products are also used by sign makers wolverhampton